Welcome to The Arrowsmith! I make custom traditional wood arrows. It’s well known that traditional archers have quality and consistency as their highest priority, but there are times when you also want arrows with eye-catching good looks. Scan through the specifications, and look over a few of the example photos to see what we can provide. And if you want some very unique and classy looking arrows, start from one of the examples in the photo’s and add your own personal touch. All arrows will be of the highest quality in materials and workmanship.


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All arrows are basically the same in key characteristics. Shafts are weighted, spined parallel to the grain, and grouped in my shop in closely matching dozens, checked for straightness 3 times during the construction process and straightened if needed.

All arrows are matched within 5# in draw weight and most within 20 grains, many within 10 grains in physical weight, measured on the bare shaft. All fletching is with Truflight 5 inch left wing helical feathers.  Shield cut is standard, baloon and parabolic upon request.


Nocks are Bohning Classic index nocks. All arrows are shipped full 32" length, not tapered, unless specified otherwise. They will be shipped in standard one dozen arrow boxes.


Your satisfaction is important. If you order uncut arrows, and upon inspection, are not completely satisfied, just return them, no questions asked, and I will send you your purchase price, original shipping and insurance costs, plus the return shipping cost. Sorry, I cannot make refunds on cut arrows.


The best way to determine availability or turnaround time is to contact me with your request, and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible. I sometimes have arrows or matched dozens of shafts in stock that are matched to closer tolerances that listed above. When you tell me what you want, I’ll get back with you on what’s in stock, and how long your order will take. In ordering, I need to know the length of your arrow. Arrow length is the distance from the nock groove to the back (far side) of the bow at your draw length, plus however much you want to extend beyond the back of your bow, which is usually ½ to 1". I also need to know the peak draw weight of your bow at your draw length, and whether you are shooting a recurve or straight bow. If you want custom arrows, I’ll need to know in detail what you want. Check some of the pictures for ideas.